Raceways take approximately 3-4 weeks to build and can be freighted by truck, train or plane as we have done in the past. Finished in Woodland Scenics and fully scotch guarded, they can be vacuumed and brushed. Landscapes are made from FIBREGLASS and track is Carrera STAINLESS STEEL track for life long reliable current flow. Free free slot cars and track and electronics are supplied wholesale price with any raceway over 3M x 2M in 2 or 4 lane. Slot cars and track are supplied with landscape only, not supplied seperately.


Commercial electronics are only suitable for analogue raceways they do not come with digital raceways. 1/1000th of a second computerized race timing and commercial electronics are both optional and allow for accurate race timing for competitions and prizes (or just for fun at home). Commercial electronics include -

Set Piece Tracks: For home or the showroom at work.

Up to any size. Just select your favorite landscape type and do your track plan on Carrera Track Planner Carrera Track Planner – Ver. 2018.001.000 then post it to us to quote. We also offer a track plan service at $50 per hour in advance.

Portable / Mobile Tracks: Events and parties all year round.

Australia’s most fun mobile business. Constant work, recommended $195 p/hr hire rate. Happy customers, simple advertising and word of mouth referrals everywhere you go. Mobile events, activations, promotions, parties and 100’s of birthday parties with 1000’s of happy kids and impressed parents. Conditions Of Sale Agreement applies and must be signed & returned pre-construction. Mobile raceways come on a 5M x 2M trailer with marine grade plywood. Portable raceways come in sections on fold down legs and they join together with bolts. Warranty included. 

Mobile Raceways Include –
New trailer chassis with REGO.

Timber marine grade plywood box with ribs and tarpolin.
Slot car track and standard electronics and controllers at wholesale price.
Commercial electronics optional.

Landscape in theme of choice.

Four cars free digital or analogue.

Computerized 1/1000th of a second digital race timing for analogue (lap top required).

Mobile raceways are a very popular mobile business for Corporate events and parties.

Your raceway will take you all over the state / country. Work your own hours. It is recommended that you hire trackside staff (or promotional staff) to assist in putting cars back on the track, or turn the voltage down with commercial electronics to slow cars down. You can also add MAGNETS to car chassis for even better grip.

Landscape Themes For Showrooms, Gamesrooms And Mobile Raceways


Mobile & Static Mount Panorama - available up to any size. Crash barriers are now white painted alloy, and trees are flexible pole based for trunk arrangement of choice. Design your own track plan on "FREE Track Planner"

Portable CITY HWY

Plan For A Successful Mobile Raceway Business:

Buy a mobile or portable raceway, a web site with Google Ads, business cards, then do an optional  mail out to 5000 homes, and ask us which entertainment web sites to put your web site on for free that get 1000’s of Corporate visits and watch the booking roll in.  

Reccomended Hourly Hire Rate – $195.

Or Pay To Race (at markets) – $3 per car per 2 minutes = $360 p/hr with 4 cars.
                             Digital – $3 per car per 2 minutes = $540 p/hr with 6 cars.                       

Most of your work will be for weekend and week day birthday parties, Corporate bookings will be through the week at convention centres and in the field for promotions and activations.